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Why Chapel & York?

Because we make it simple. We make it work.

We understand your needs when fundraising abroad because we have been working with hundreds of organisations worldwide for over 25 years.

We have a unique combination of solutions for organisations fundraising internationally who want to offer local tax benefits to donors.

From starting on the international fundraising journey through to receiving the funds, Chapel & York is the one answer to everything you need along the way.

  • Our international fundraising experts offer consultation, advice, and on-the-ground practical services for organisations, including feasibility studies, developing international cases for support, conducting donor research and solicitation activities, running events and grants research & writing. Even if you aren’t there, we are.

  • Our charity management specialists make it easy to set up and run a dedicated legal entity for you in the countries where you need that level of engagement. Our Chapel & York Foundations in 7 major markets give you an alternative option to accept donations with local tax benefits. Either way, or a mixture of both, we will ensure you have the right solutions for your needs.

  • Our educational programmes hosted by our global Chapel & York teams provide unique events focused on international fundraising and cross-border giving.


On-the-ground cultural and fundraising and technical advice


Uniquely experienced worldwide staff


With nine offices located around the world


From fundraising planning to tax-deductible giving options


£1bn+ in cross-border donations facilitated since 1997


450+ organisations from around the globe

your success is our success

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Meet the Chapel & York Team

Our expertise extends across a broad range of sectors, including education, arts, and charitable organisations with global reach. Regardless of your organisation’s size or scope, our team are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs ensuring you achieve the highest level of success in your international fundraising endeavours.

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