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Through the 21st century, we’ve seen an incredible surge in global giving from individuals, foundations, and corporations as they become more strategic with philanthropic decisions. In order to meet this growing demand for international funds, there is heightened competition amongst organisations.

Chapel & York’s team of international fundraising experts deliver a full range of services to organisations along their international fundraising journey. You will have the right professional for your needs – from planning to execution around the world – delivered by professionals who understand your international needs.

We do not just advise – we do.

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Effective International Fundraising

Using highly acclaimed local fundraising experts, Chapel & York provides comprehensive global support and practical action to convert your plans into successful donations, grants, and sponsorship.

From the meticulous planning and execution of events to researching prospects for grants or reviewing and providing recommendations on existing international fundraising plans – all performed by experienced fundraisers from around the world – we strive to ensure successful outcomes and desired returns on investment.

And we can also assist with your board and stakeholder engagement to maximise the impact of your ambassadors abroad.

Gain access to international services such as:

With Chapel & York, you can unlock the potential of fundraising abroad by forming and/or encouraging volunteer boards or dedicated ambassadors.

Our approach ensures that your organisation’s outreach will reach new heights while remaining sustainable over time.

Our expert international team constructs compelling cases for support and giving opportunities specifically focused on your target philanthropic communities.

These play a key role in identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding prospects and donors.

Our solicitation strategies are tailored to each donor’s unique background, taking into account the ideal ask amount and timing as well as cultural considerations.

By ensuring that solicitations remain respectful of both parties involved, we create mutually beneficial engagements for your organisation and its donors.

Chapel & York crafts impeccable prospect pools sourced from the most credible tools and data to ensure your team is connecting with potential benefactors poised for successful philanthropic gifting.

We also inspect existing databases, discovering insights that help reinforce current relationships.

Our comprehensive, sustainable programs recognise the significant contribution of philanthropy to your organisation and those it supports.

By developing strong relationships with prior donors, an effective stewardship program can ensure long-term success in international fundraising efforts.

Chapel & York develops and delivers in-country cultivation steps for each potential donor that takes into consideration the time, skills, and resources available.

These steps define how the cultivation process unfolds, and ensures you have the greatest possibility of success in soliciting gifts.

Chapel & York organises and delivers small and large fundraising events in foreign countries.

Well-developed events, with a careful understanding of what is appropriate and what is an acceptable return-on-investment, can be an important tool in an overall fundraising effort.

When navigating the international philanthropic landscape, a well-crafted plan is an essential tool in achieving the best return on investment.

Having a clear, informed plan in place will ensure you focus on what will deliver the best results for your time and money. With this approach, you will unlock opportunities resulting in impactful donations that support your mission globally.

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Meet the Chapel & York International Fundraising Team

Our expertise extends across a broad range of sectors, including education, arts, and charitable organisations with global reach. Regardless of your organisation’s size or scope, our team are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs ensuring you achieve the highest level of success in your international fundraising endeavours.

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