Charity Set Up and Management

When you want your own dedicated legal entity in order to offer local tax benefits around the world

Charity Set Up and Management

Choosing to Have a Dedicated Legal Entity

Chapel & York will set up and manage a dedicated legal entity for you wherever you want in the world, allowing you to engage and fundraise with local donors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 501(c)3 in the USA, a registered charity in the UK, a section 88 in Hong Kong or anything else, we have the solutions for you.

Having your own legal entity gives flexibility, name recognition and opportunities to deeply engage your local stakeholders. Working with Chapel & York gives you the best opportunity for success.

Charity Set Up

Setting up a legal entity is not simple but with Chapel & York doing it for you it is as clear and straightforward as possible.

For over 25+ years we have set up and managed hundreds of dedicated legal entities and are unrivalled in establishing these for foreign organisations.

Chapel & York provides ongoing support to the charity through its range of management solutions.

Chapel & York’s Set Up service provides you with:

A fixed cost so that there are no surprises

A team of professionals

Years of experience of setting up hundreds of dedicated legal entities

Step by step guidance in making choices which will impact working with the entity in years to come

An experienced team who will help you move to the management and operational phase of operating your Entity

Confidence that you are getting the best advice every step of the way

How We Manage Your Dedicated Legal Entity

Chapel & York provides comprehensive management services integrating time-tested expert advice and client services.

We understand the unique challenges and needs of managing a dedicated legal entity when you are outside the country because that has been our business since 1997.

We provide you with:

  • The capacity and understanding of a professional team with local knowledge and global presence.

  • Consolidation of multiple functions (administration, tax preparation, secretarial, etc.) by a single-source provider.

  • Practical solutions for everything from handling the mail to advising on complex fundraising issues.

  • Stability, so that as your staff and job roles change, you won’t lose key data, momentum, or need to guess what to do next.

  • The confidence of knowing that your reputation is secure.

  • A range of options to support your charity from a self-service support programme to complete management with a local Executive Director.

Efficient, worry-free management is the key to looking after your dedicated legal entity.

Our professional staff handles the details which keep your entity running smoothly so you can focus on your fundraising goals.

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Set-up and Management


Set-up and Management

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Meet the Chapel & York Charity Set-up and Management Team

Allow us to introduce the individuals who make up our remarkable Set up and Management team, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in the charity sector. Regardless of your organisation’s size or scope, our team are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique needs ensuring you achieve the highest level of success in your international fundraising endeavours.

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