US 501(c)(3) Set-up and Management

Chapel & York specialises in simplifying the process of establishing and managing tax-exempt non-profit organisations, particularly 501(c)(3) entities, both for charities looking for us to run their international entity or to provide ongoing annual support.

Set up Your Own Dedicated Legal US Entity

Chapel & York offer a comprehensive service to set up and manage a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organisation.

Setting up and managing a non-profit organisation in another country can be a daunting experience. How do you handle board meetings? What address should you use? What are the regulatory requirements? How does one best look after donors and directors?

For over 25 years Chapel & York have answered these questions for educational institutions, charities, NGO’s and others who want to establish a 501(c)(3) organisation to support them or support projects worldwide.

We appoint an Account Manager who will help you through the set up process and the ongoing management of the 501(c)(3). Your Account Manager is your gateway to the experienced Chapel & York technical team who work with all the regulatory bodies and issues. After registration, our comprehensive management service takes care of all the necessary legal, accounting and regulatory requirements.

US 501(c)(3) Management

No matter whether you want us to run the 501(c)(3) or support you to do so, working with Chapel & York gives you an expert team of specialists to ensure that your US 501(c)(3) organisation meets all the legal, tax and regulatory responsibilities imposed by one of the most highly developed charity regimes in the world.

We also handle practical administrative and secretarial requirements such as a US address and donation receipting plus financial, accounting and HR needs. Crucially, we protect you from the risks of mistakes – reputation risks to you and the 501(c)(3) and financial risks to you and your donors.

With Chapel & York at your side, you can fully focus on your main work without being burdened by legal, tax, or financial matters that are outside your skill set or job description.

Whichever level of service you want – the All-Inclusive Service where we run the 501(c)(3) for you or the Standard Management Service where you do it yourself and outsource specific tasks to us – you are in safe hands with our experienced, multi-qualified and international team.

Money bag Chapel and York

$500 Billion

The United States is one of the most mature charitable markets, with philanthropic giving at nearly USD $500 billion, and also one of the most regulated countries with regards to charitable entities.


All-Inclusive Service

Chapel & York manages the US 501(c)(3)

Most organisations find that the best option is to let us run their 501(c)(3), leaving the fundraising, development, and advancement teams to focus on fundraising, stewardship and stakeholders.

We do all the work necessary to manage your entity, from regulatory to governance to finance. Whether it is filing tax returns to the IRS or State, running your meetings, or engaging with the bank, we do everything for you.

We handle donations, cheques and receipts, and support your US fundraising activities.

We take care of financial records and board changes, and we’re here to address any questions about US laws and regulations.
You will have a Account Executive working with you, available to answer any questions, serving as a single point of contact and ensuring all aspects of running your 501(c)(3) are seamlessly managed. And, of course, the Account Executive working with you is 100% backed by the entire Chapel & York team.

“Your US Entity’s Management is fully handled by Chapel & York’s experienced management team for less than the cost of a staff member”

US Based Staff

Do you want staff in the United States?

Hiring staff in the US to run a 501(c)(3) has long been seen as highly desirable and necessary for success.

Our 25 years of work supporting foreign organisations who have 501(c)(3) entities has demonstrated that from time-to-time it can be useful and desirable to have either a ‘doer’ who will represent you and work with you and the 501(c)(3) or an Executive Director who will provide leadership for the 501(c)(3) and on the ground high-level services for you and your US requirements.

With our all inclusive service, Chapel & York can provide you with a part time Executive Assistant or Executive Director in the US. We will work with you to provide you with the best person for your needs and that person will be backed up by the entire Chapel & York Charity Management Team.

If you do want your own US employees, we can support them with payroll services. However, this option is often more expensive and the person chosen may not have all the skills necessary to fulfil your needs.

“A Chapel & York part time Executive Assistant or Executive Director can give you local representation in the US”

Standard Management

Self-service with Chapel & York support

We know that some organisations want to run their own 501(c)(3) but want professional and experienced support for their work.

If this is you, then our Standard Management Service is a bundle of regulatory, governance,and administrative services which you can delegate to us.

This base level of service only includes IRS and US state legal and tax filings, along with basic administrative, governance and fundraising support.

Plus, we have modules which can be added to the bundle at an additional cost to create a customised package tailored to your needs.

This Do It Yourself service means you still have professional support even though you lead the day-to-day efforts, and, if you have a question, we are here to help.

“More work and responsibility for you but Chapel & York will support you all the way”

Our Value

Chapel & York provides comprehensive set-up and management services integrating time-tested expert advice and client services. We understand the unique challenges and needs of managing a 501(c)(3) when you are outside the USA because that has been our business since 1997.

We provide you with:

  • The capacity and understanding of a professional team.

  • Consolidation of multiple 501(c)(3) functions (administration, tax preparation, secretarial, etc.) by a single-source provider.

  • Practical solutions for everything from handling the mail to advising on complex fundraising issues.

  • A range of options to support your 501(c)(3) from a self-service support programme to complete management with a local Executive Director.

  • Stability, so that as your staff and job roles change, you won’t lose key data, momentum, or need to guess what to do next.

  • The confidence of knowing that your reputation is secure in the US market.

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