The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards

2024 Winners

Each of the winners of the Chapel and York Fundraising Awards 2024 has demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and impact in the field of international fundraising. Through their tireless efforts and strategic approaches, they have not only achieved financial success but also contributed to important social causes and global initiatives. These organisations serve as an inspiration to others in the international fundraising community, showcasing the power of determination and collaboration in achieving remarkable results.

1. Education

INSEAD The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards 2024


In our Education category we present the award to INSEAD and their Force for Good Campaign.

The INSEAD campaign achieved significant success, raising €311 million and surpassing its financial objectives. This achievement highlights INSEAD’s strength in making a societal impact through business education. Over 10 years, 52% of MBA alumni and students participated, demonstrating the strength and purpose of the INSEAD alumni network. Despite COVID-19 challenges, the campaign set a record with 5,079 donations in 2020, including a groundbreaking €60 million gift.

The campaign was marked by the active participation of over 4,000 alumni volunteers, reflecting the INSEAD community’s spirit and unity. It focused on driving global change, launching initiatives like the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, aligning INSEAD with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

INSEAD’s commitment to research, innovation, and educational equity was evident, with €60 million allocated to merit and diversity scholarships. The campaign also enhanced INSEAD’s global influence, establishing new centers and initiatives for research on sustainability, society, and governance.

In conclusion, the Force for Good Campaign by INSEAD rightfully secures its win at The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards, showcasing exceptional financial success, transformative impact, a robust culture of global philanthropy, international stakeholder engagement, innovation, and resilience in the face of challenges. Congratulations, INSEAD!

2. Arts & Culture

The Walk Productions The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards 2024

The Walk Productions

In our Arts & Culture category we present the award to The Walk Productions for the Little Amal campaign.

Little Amal is the 12-foot puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee at the heart of The Walk. She has become a global symbol of human rights, especially those of refugees.

Since July 2021, Amal has travelled to 160 towns and cities in 15 countries and been welcomed by two million people on the street, including hundreds of artists and civil society and faith leaders, as well as by tens of millions online. Her journeys are celebrations of art and hope that draw attention to the huge numbers of children fleeing war, violence and persecution. Amal’s urgent message to the world is “Don’t forget about us”.

This global fundraising effort could serve as a case study in how remote work can be done efficiently, effectively and across multiple time zones. The team worked from hotel rooms, airports, train stations, theatres, coffee shops, behind the steering wheel of a car, on airplane tarmacs, and from their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and gardens. Well over 200 meetings were held over Zoom in a nine-month period. Two in-person fundraising events also took place in NYC.

Transparency, responsiveness, friendship and good humour have been hallmarks of this fundraising operation. The highly organised, mostly part time, team worked together to reach out to over 300 prospects, at a challenging time for a range of factors. Despite multiple declines from major multinational corporations (most often due to the avoidance/perception of corporate politicisation), the team persisted and managed to secure contributions for the project ranging from $25 to over $1 million from various sources including individuals, small family foundations, large international foundations and three companies.

In short, this fundraising effort was both a financial and a social success. It sparked a global movement for human rights and stands as a shining example of teamwork, creativity, and unwavering determination. We cannot wait to see where Amal goes next, congratulations!

3. Charities with an international remit

OI Pejeta Conservancy UK The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards 2024

OL Pejeta Conservancy UK

OL Pejeta Conservancy UK has been recognised as the deserving winner of the C&Y International Fundraising Award 2024 in the category of “Charities with International Remit/Support.”

Since its establishment in 2019, the organisation has shown outstanding dedication to supporting OL Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and protecting rare and endangered wildlife like the last two northern white rhinos and the eastern black rhino, and playing a crucial role in rehabilitation efforts for rescued chimpanzees.

Despite facing numerous challenges, such as habitat loss, weather uncertainties, poaching threats, and the economic impact of COVID-19, OL Pejeta Conservancy UK has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainable resource management. Their mission to conserve biodiversity through partnerships and nature-based solutions is truly inspiring.

One particular aspect that sets OL Pejeta Conservancy UK apart is its effective international fundraising efforts. Through strategic collaboration with individual donors, major donors, and grant-giving organizations, the organisation has successfully raised significant funds. Their use of social media has played a crucial role in raising awareness and attracting donors, making international fundraising a major source of income, accounting for over 30% of their total revenue, with an impressive revenue of approximately £2.3m in 2022.

The Conservancy’s active outreach programs and Individual Giving Programme, combined with their networking for major donors, demonstrate excellent planning and resource management. Despite being a small team of only seven fundraising staff, their dedication and teamwork have proven to be invaluable.

This win is indeed a testament to their dedication, strategic planning, and the tangible positive impact they have been able to make, and we look forward to seeing their future strides in conservation. Congratulations, OL Pejeta Conservancy UK!

4. Organisations new to International Fundraising

Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards 2024

Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa

In our New to International Fundraising category we present the award to the Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa and The Creative Africa Storytelling for the Screen Incubator (CASSI)

CASSI is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to empower highly skilled film practitioners in sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on African women.

Led by the Founding Director of ICAPA Trust, Tsitsi Dangarembga, this project leveraged her own filmmaking profile to attract contributions from the generous culture of giving in the United States. With an annual target of $200,000 per individual, ICAPA aimed to engage 80 international stakeholders, with varying numbers of donors each year. To secure funding for the initiative, ICAPA is developing a compelling Case for Support and plans to utilize Altrata for insights on potential international stakeholders.

What sets CASSI apart is their measurable impact. They track the number of women trained, assess improvements in skills, monitor the creation and influence of films, and measure the professional growth of their graduates. This commitment to long-term change is truly commendable.

Additionally, CASSI is breaking new ground by producing internationally recognised African intellectual property while ensuring that ownership remains on the continent. This strategic positioning of African creatives is crucial in preparing for the predicted aesthetic revolution from the global south.

With its innovative vision and tangible results, CASSI is a shining example of the power of grassroots initiatives in bringing about real change. Congratulations!

5. Organisations who have undertaken a specific international programme

École pratique des hautes études The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards 2024

École pratique des hautes études

In our Organisations who have undertaken a specific International programme category we present the award to The École Pratique des Hautes Études-PSL.

The École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE), established at the Sorbonne in 1868, is acknowledged as one of France’s public “grands établissements”. In a remarkable turn of events, the EPHE-PSL (École Pratique des Hautes Études) received a generous offer from an American foundation in April 2021. The foundation pledged $2 million to establish a center dedicated to Persian studies in France.

This unexpected opportunity prompted the EPHE-PSL to carefully consider their fundraising strategy. Determined to seize this chance, they swiftly established a “fonds de dotation” in May 2021, successfully securing the promised amount through a wire transfer in November 2022.

Over the course of the following months, from December 2022 to September 2023, the EPHE-PSL diligently utilised the funds to bring the center to life. Finally, in September 2023, the center was launched, marking a significant milestone for the school.

However, this achievement only marks the beginning of the EPHE’s ambitious international fundraising plan. Their goal is to create captivating projects that resonate with individuals worldwide who share a passion for humanities and history.

The judges were impressed by the entry’s ability to showcase EPHE’s commitment to making a difference in the world through innovative global fundraising practices. The submission highlighted the importance of adaptability and quick thinking in today’s rapidly changing world, where opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, this winning entry serves as an inspiration for other institutions looking to improve their fundraising efforts and make a lasting impact. It sets an example of how combining creativity, practicality, and determination can lead to remarkable achievements. Congratulations!

6. Founders award

Daniel Mc Diarmid The Chapel & York International Fundraising Awards 2024

Daniel McDiarmid

Daniel McDiarmid has been a leader in the field of fundraising for over 30 years. He is given this initial Founder’s award for a number of reasons. Not only has he been a successful fundraiser with numerous clients scattered throughout Australasia and abroad to attest to his skill and ability but he has numerous colleagues and friends scattered around the world to attest to his warmth, his intelligence and his thoughtfulness.

It is always said that fundraising is about people and there s no person I can think of who better exemplifies what we all want to achieve. To be a good boss, to be a creative entrepreneur, to give clients best service and to ensure that our profession is well respected.

For years Daniel has tirelessly worked to achieve this and all who know him would testify to his success. His company AskRight has benefitted from having him lead it but we

have all benefited from his friendship and professional intelligence.

I cannot think of a better or kinder or more loved person than Daniel McDiarmid and it is my great pleasure to award him this initial Founder’s award.

Nancy Bikson