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Receive Contributions from the United Kingdom

The philanthropic landscape in the UK is vast and varied, with a long history of charitable giving and a strong culture of supporting causes close to the hearts of individuals and corporations alike. Opportunities for fundraising in the UK are abundant, with a wide range of donors willing to support causes both locally and internationally. However, navigating the complexities of fundraising regulations and legal requirements can be a daunting task for organisations operating outside of the UK.

To successfully fundraise in the UK, it is important to have a strong understanding of the local philanthropic landscape and the legal requirements for charitable organisations. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to costly legal repercussions and reputational damage. Additionally, cultural differences in philanthropic giving should also be taken into consideration when developing fundraising strategies.

Establishing a fund with the Chapel & York UK Foundation is an excellent way for international organisations to effectively fundraise in the UK without having to set up a legal entity. This allows charities to establish a presence in the UK, gain access to local fundraising networks, and benefit from tax-effective giving while avoiding the complexities of setting up a legal entity.

The Chapel & York UK Foundation has a wealth of experience in managing philanthropic funds, providing expert guidance on fundraising regulations and compliance, and ensuring that donors receive the tax benefits of their giving.

By partnering with the Chapel & York UK Foundation, international charities can expand their reach and impact, while minimising legal and financial risks.

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Effortlessly fundraise in the UK with Chapel & York as we expertly manage all regulatory, banking, donation processing, and technical aspects on your behalf, allowing you to focus solely on your mission

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Joining the UK Foundation

In processing your completed application and conducting our due diligence, Chapel & York will review submitted documentation to ensure your organisation is able to receive grants/payments from The Chapel & York UK Foundation.

In this process, Chapel & York makes no judgments as to the value of the work you do or the capacity of your organisation to do it. Once we are satisfied your application meets the criteria, the application is passed to the Foundation Executive Director to share with the board your desire to set up a fund.

In the event of your application being rejected, you will be refunded the membership fee. The processing fee is non-refundable.

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Membership Levels

For all funds we provide:

  • Notification to you of donations received

  • A professional, local team to answer questions

  • Receipting of donations to donors

  • A listing on the Foundation directory and donate page

  • Access to our international fundraising team

  • Confidence that all of Chapel & York is looking after you



Supports donations made during a limited time period

What’s Included
  • 5% Retention rate

  • All of the above benefits during the membership period

  • Donation reports

  • Access donor/donation and grant data on demand via the ‘Donation Portal’

  • Optional – 100% granting (100% of a donation is granted and the Foundation’s retention is invoiced separately)


£500 pa

A low budget cost with higher retention – ideal if you want to save upfront costs

What’s Included
  • 3% Retention rate

  • All of the above benefits during the membership period

  • Monthly donation reports

  • Access donor/donation and grant data on demand via the ‘Donation Portal’

  • Optional – 100% granting (100% of a donation is granted and the Foundation’s retention is invoiced separately)


£2,000 pa

A higher upfront cost but lower retention – ideal for those expected larger donations

What’s Included
  • 1% Retention rate

  • All of the above benefits during the membership period

  • Monthly donation reports

  • Access donor/donation and grant data on demand via the ‘Donation Portal’

  • Optional – 100% granting (100% of a donation is granted and the Foundation’s retention is invoiced separately)

What is Gift Aid?2023-04-25T10:44:54+00:00

Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim back the basic rate tax already paid by donors on their gifts.
This means that the Chapel & York UK Foundation can claim back from the government, on your behalf, 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of your donation to your chosen fund by 25%.

If a donation is eligible for Gift Aid Chapel & York will submit and process a claim to HMRC and grant the reclaimed tax to your charity of choice along with your donation.

To reclaim the tax on your donation we require a fully completed Gift Aid declaration. If you make an online donation, the system will allow you to complete a digital Gift Aid declaration. Donations via other methods will require a declaration to be sent via email or post.

Dual Benefits for US/UK Taxpayers2023-04-20T16:50:14+00:00

US citizens (and other individuals subject to US income tax) who pay tax in the UK [or UK taxpayers resident in the US], can receive tax benefits in both the UK and US for the same donation. This is achieved when the donation is made to a UK charity (and thus eligible for UK Gift Aid and tax-relief) whose shares are owned by a US nonprofit and which has elected to be a ‘disregarded entity’ under US law. For UK purposes, the charity is a just a UK charity. If the donation is eligible for Gift Aid and tax-relief, it can be applied for. For US tax purposes the UK charity doesn’t exist and donations to it are as if made to the US nonprofit parent. The donor can take a US tax deduction for the donation to the extent allowed by US law. Chapel & York’s US and UK Foundations are so linked and can offer your donors these benefits.

Do discounts apply to membership levels?2023-03-29T11:39:03+00:00

Discounts apply when joining multiple Foundations, irrespective of the service level selected. When joining more than one Foundation, the discount will apply to all Foundation memberships. A full list of discounts (on memberships and set-up fees) can be viewed here

We are already a fundholder. How do we apply to join additional Foundations?2023-05-11T18:37:18+00:00

As a current member, you can apply to join additional foundations using an amended online application. Submit your details using this form and our Finance Department will issue an invoice.

Can I upgrade my membership with a Foundation?2023-03-29T15:38:55+00:00

Members may upgrade a membership at any time. You will be sent a pro-rated membership fee increase, and if some cases will be charged a due diligence fee. Requests to upgrade a membership can be submitted to

Go Global!

Establish a fund with all our Foundations with one membership


£2,000 p/y

An Affiliate Fund membership to all Chapel & York Foundations


£8,000 p/y

A Named Fund membership to all Chapel & York Foundations

Additional Services & Solutions

Charitable Projects - This Fund is for individuals or groups without an established charity or charitable entity. Whether you’re a group of friends fundraising for repairs to a community building, or looking to further a particular charitable cause, we can help you with our ‘Charitable Project’ Funds.

Charitable Projects

Designed for individuals or groups who don’t have an existing charity or charitable organisation. Whether you’re a group of friends seeking to raise funds for a community building’s renovation, or aiming to advance a specific charitable mission, we can provide the assistance you need.

Dedicated Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages - Grow your fund with the tools to create successful campaigns by designing personalised donation forms or fundraising pages. Fully customisable, giving your donors a branded and seamless giving experience.

Dedicated Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages

Enhance your fund growth with the resources needed to develop triumphant campaigns by crafting tailored donation forms or fundraising pages. Completely adaptable, providing your contributors with a cohesive and uniquely branded giving experience.

Meet the UK Board

UK Foundation Board Meeting Dates 2024:

The donation cut off dates are the last day of the month before the month the board meeting is being held (denoted in brackets).

Thursday, 25th January 2024 (Donation cut off date: Sunday, 31st December 2023)
Thursday, 25th April 2024 (Donation cut off date: Sunday, 31st March 2024)
Thursday, 25th July 2024 (Donation cut off date: Sunday, 30th June 2024)
17th October 2024 (Donation cut off date: Monday, 30th September 2024)

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