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International fundraising With Swiss Donors

Switzerland, with its long-standing tradition of philanthropy, presents a thriving and diverse landscape for charitable organisations seeking to make a lasting impact. As a prosperous and politically stable nation, the Swiss populace demonstrates a strong propensity for generosity, creating a wealth of opportunities for international fundraising endeavours. However, navigating the complex legal and regulatory frameworks in Switzerland can pose significant challenges, potentially leading to financial pitfalls and compliance issues for inexperienced charities.

To mitigate these risks and facilitate seamless integration into the Swiss philanthropic ecosystem, partnering with the Chapel & York Swiss Foundation is an invaluable asset. By establishing a fund under their umbrella, your charity benefits from an immediate presence in Switzerland, without the need to establish a separate legal entity. This accelerates your ability to capitalise on fundraising prospects while ensuring full compliance with Swiss regulations.

Moreover, the Chapel & York Swiss Foundation’s extensive expertise and wide-ranging network provide tailored support, enabling your charity to unlock the full potential of Swiss fundraising opportunities. With their guidance, you can foster lasting relationships with individual and institutional donors, and navigate the intricacies of Swiss tax-efficient giving, maximising the impact of your charitable efforts.

Overview of The Global Family of Foundations

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Chapel & York can handle all the regulatory, banking, donation processing, and technical issues involved in fundraising in Switzerland, allowing you to raise funds without any worries.

With our expert support, you can focus on your core mission while we handle the details.

Some of our clients

Joining the Switzerland Foundation

In evaluating your completed application and conducting our due diligence, Chapel & York will review submitted documentation to ensure your organisation is able to receive grants/payments from The Chapel & York Switzerland Foundation.

In this process, Chapel & York makes no judgments as to the value of the work you do or the capacity of your organisation to do it. Once we are satisfied your application meets the criteria, the application is passed to the Foundation Executive Director to share with the board your desire to set up a fund.

In the event of your application being rejected, you will be refunded the membership fee. The due diligence fee is non-refundable.

Join a Chapel & York Foundation


Membership Levels

For all funds we provide:

  • A professional, local team to answer questions

  • Notification to you of donations received

  • Receipting of donations to donors

  • A listing on the Foundation directory and donate page

  • Access to our international fundraising team

  • Confidence that all of Chapel & York is looking after you



Supports donations made during a limited time period

What’s Included
  • 5% Retention rate

  • All of the above benefits during the membership period

  • Donation reports

  • Access donor/donation and grant data on demand via the ‘Donation Portal’

  • Optional – 100% granting (100% of a donation is granted and the Foundation’s retention is invoiced separately)


£500 pa

A low budget cost with higher retention – ideal if you want to save upfront costs

What’s Included
  • 3% Retention rate

  • All of the above benefits during the membership period

  • Monthly donation reports

  • Access donor/donation and grant data on demand via the ‘Donation Portal’

  • Optional – 100% granting (100% of a donation is granted and the Foundation’s retention is invoiced separately)


£2,000 pa

A higher upfront cost but lower retention – ideal for those expected larger donations

What’s Included
  • 1% Retention rate

  • All of the above benefits during the membership period

  • Monthly donation reports

  • Access donor/donation and grant data on demand via the ‘Donation Portal’

  • Optional – 100% granting (100% of a donation is granted and the Foundation’s retention is invoiced separately)

Do discounts apply to membership levels?2023-03-29T11:39:03+00:00

Discounts apply when joining multiple Foundations, irrespective of the service level selected. When joining more than one Foundation, the discount will apply to all Foundation memberships. A full list of discounts (on memberships and set-up fees) can be viewed here

We are already a fundholder. How do we apply to join additional Foundations?2023-05-11T18:37:18+00:00

As a current member, you can apply to join additional foundations using an amended online application. Submit your details using this form and our Finance Department will issue an invoice.

Can I upgrade my membership with a Foundation?2023-03-29T15:38:55+00:00

Members may upgrade a membership at any time. You will be sent a pro-rated membership fee increase, and if some cases will be charged a due diligence fee. Requests to upgrade a membership can be submitted to

Go Global!

Establish a fund with all our Foundations with one membership


£2,000 p/y

An Affiliate Fund membership to all Chapel & York Foundations


£8,000 p/y

A Named Fund membership to all Chapel & York Foundations

Additional Services & Solutions

Charitable Projects - This Fund is for individuals or groups without an established charity or charitable entity. Whether you’re a group of friends fundraising for repairs to a community building, or looking to further a particular charitable cause, we can help you with our ‘Charitable Project’ Funds.

Charitable Projects

Tailored to assist individuals or groups without an official charity or charitable organisation. Whether you’re a group of friends working towards repairing a local community space or eager to advance a particular charitable cause, our Funds are here to support your compassionate objectives.

Donor Advised Funds - Holding a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with a Chapel & York Foundation enables your company’s employees to make tax-effective gifts in that region without you having to take on the management and infrastructure of an employee giving programme.

Donor Advised Funds

The Donor Advised Fund (DAF) expertly administered by the Chapel & York Foundations offers a tax-advantageous employee contribution option, successfully eliminating the need for your company to create or manage its own unique charitable giving program infrastructure within the specified region or area.

Dedicated Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages - Grow your fund with the tools to create successful campaigns by designing personalised donation forms or fundraising pages. Fully customisable, giving your donors a branded and seamless giving experience.

Dedicated Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages

Boost fundraising potential by creating unique donation forms and fundraising pages that genuinely capture your organisation’s essence, all while offering the flexibility to make revisions or updates anytime you please, ensuring constant alignment with your goals.

Meet the Switzerland Board

Next Board Meeting - 22nd August, 2023

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The Chapel & York Switzerland Association is a tax-exempt not-for-profit association governed by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.


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