Yvonne Mackenzie - Chapel & York - The Home of International Fundraising and Philanthropy

Yvonne Mackenzie

Head of Finance

Yvonne is a passionate and accomplished operational and commercial CIMA-qualified accountant with over 30 years of business finance, project, and strategic management experience. Currently leading a skilled team of four accountants and bookkeepers in each aspect of finance across all Chapel & York organisations and foundations as well as undertaking accounting services for various clients. In addition to working in the charity sector, she has worked across a variety of environments, including construction, manufacturing, demolition, education, and the service sector. Yvonne's role also incorporates elements of HR and GDPR, which sees her working alongside our external HR and GDPR consultants as well as all departments internally here at Chapel & York. In her free time, Yvonne enjoys travelling, creative writing, eating good food and drinking fine wine and generally enjoying life.

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