International Fundraising – Call for partners

Chapel & York's expertise extends across a broad range of sectors, including education, arts, and charitable organisations with global reach. Regardless of your organisation's size or scope, our team are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs ensuring you achieve the highest level of success in your international fundraising endeavours.
Published On: April 26, 2023

Charities and non-profits around the globe are in a constant need of raising funds to deliver their mission and borders should not limit them from raising funds from donors abroad. 

For a number of years having a dedicated entity was seen as being the gold standard, but as charity and non-profit laws and regulations have increased in number and breadth, banking has become more difficult, and the costs of running organizations have risen, new solutions have been created. 

Chapel & York has established a worldwide network of foundations in the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada, working to increase international fundraising and philanthropy for 25 years with ax-effective giving solutions. Over this time, it has facilitated over £1bn in cross-border donations for fundholders. 


As organizations recognize the potential and value of engaging with donors in new markets, fundraisers are faced with new challenges: knowing and understanding how to adapt their fundraising approaches and messaging for donor audiences in foreign markets. And, crucially, how to fundraise in countries when you are not physically there. 

To respond to the problems and challenges organizations have to raising funds internationally, Chapel & York has built a Fundraising department offering the services of experienced senior fundraising professionals on the ground, in all major philanthropic markets. As a result of its initial success, the department is expanding and Chapel & York is searching for external subcontractors in all areas described next. 


The support offered by Chapel & York to its clients goes beyond high-level, expert advice: it also includes accompanying them through the ebbs and flows of fundraising in a foreign market, all the way to ‘boots on the ground’ if that is what the client wishes. Therefore, there are 3 distinct categories of experienced fundraisers needed at this time: 

Expertise: grant writing, event planning, prospect research 

Operation: solicitation and cultivation, particularly of HNWI’s for major giving 

Consulting: strategic planning, fundraising and marketing strategy, feasibility study, market assessment 

All covering capital campaigns, major gift campaigns, membership campaign, legacy and endowment campaigns, as well as planned giving. All with local experience but preferably with experience working with foreign organizations fundraising in your local market. 


  • For all profiles, kindly specify if you are specialized in the following fields: Higher Education, Science and Research, International NGO, Arts & Culture, Environment. 
  • An international experience is highly preferred, please precise in which country you can operate. 
  • Positions open to external consultants only (no direct hire). 


Kindly fill in the form below attaching a resume and cover letter. The submission will be sent Laure Vienot-Tronche – Fundraising Manager, for review.