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Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages

Enhance your fund growth with the resources needed to develop triumphant campaigns by crafting tailored donation forms or fundraising pages.

Comprehensive Fund Management | Customisable Crowdfunding | Secure Payment Processing

Chapel & York Foundation Fund Holders:
Elevate Your Fundraising Experience

As a community united by a shared commitment to creating positive change, we recognise the complexities that can arise when juggling multiple fundraising activities. Through our partnership with Validaid, we’re dedicated to providing our Chapel & York Foundation Fund Holders with comprehensive solutions that streamline and amplify your efforts. 

We are therefore pleased to introduce not one, but two, new services that will revolutionise your fundraising endeavours and enhance donor engagement. ‘Fundraising Pages‘ and the soon-to-be launched ‘Donation Forms’ are both aimed at maximising your impact as a valued member of The Chapel & York Global Family of Foundations.  

Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages - Chapel & York Global Family of Foundations
Comprehensive Fund Management

Take control of your philanthropic activities with ease and efficiency.

Grow your fund with the tools to create successful fundraising campaigns by designing personalised fundraising pages that truly reflect your organisation.

Simplify Administration

Manage all online campaigns, across all funds – in one easy place.


Display all active campaigns to your supporters with your own profile page.

Centralised Dashboard

View statistics on donations received – on all or selected campaigns.


Dig deeper into your fundraising data with in-built reporting tools.

Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages - Chapel & York Global Family of Foundations
Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages - Chapel & York Global Family of Foundations
Customisable Crowdfunding

Craft a unique fundraising journey that fits your organisation and projects.

Completely adaptable, providing your contributors with a cohesive and uniquely branded giving experience.


Instantly create an online presence for your C&Y Foundation fund.


Instantly update and customise without any limitations or delays. Invite colleagues to collaborate.


Tell your compelling story by adding text, images, videos and more.


Show supporters how close you are to your target goals. Updated in real-time.

Secure Payment Processing

Have full trust in the security of donations to your organisation.

Secure payment data encryption for PCI compliance.


Powered by Stripe for reliable, secure transactions.


Automated tax receipts for each donation sent directly to donors.


Multi-factor authentication to ensure the safety of money.


Accept credit card and debit card payments in multiple currencies.

Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages - Chapel & York Global Family of Foundations


Choose the option that’s best for you

Donation Forms & Fundraising Pages are only available to members with an active fund with a Chapel & York Foundation


£850 pa

Elevate your fund’s growth by crafting and managing prosperous online fundraising campaigns. Develop fully customisable, branded, personalised pages that authentically mirror your organisation’s identity.

What’s Included
  • Create multiple campaigns.

  • Customise – including branding, imagery, text and video.

  • Secure payment processing

  • Centralised dashboard to monitor activity across all campaigns.

  • Goal tracking and progress indicators.

  • Automated receipts sent to donors.

  • Notifications of donations received sent to you.


£500 pa

Create embeddable donation forms that give your donors a branded and seamless giving experience. Make changes as you’d like, and as often as you like.

What’s Included
  • Standalone or embeddable donation forms.

  • Customise. Change donation amounts.

  • Secure payment processing.

  • Access a dashboard with full donation form history.

  • Automated receipts sent to donors.

  • Notifications of donations received sent to you.

How do I get access to the administration portal?2023-08-17T17:09:45+00:00

Once payment has been received for an annual license to either a Donation Form or Fundraising Page, you will be sent an invitation to join Chapel & York on Validaid. It only takes a few seconds to onboard and begin to create your online fundraising presence.

What donation data can I report on within the dashboard?2023-08-17T17:09:30+00:00

All online donation received from donors donating directly via Chapel & York x Validaid Donation Forms or Fundraising Pages will be tracked and available to be reported on via your dashboard. Offline donations – such as cheques and wires will not be included. If you’re a Named Fund member, we recommend using the Donation Portal for a comprehensive look at all donation data, however reporting capabilities are superior within the Validaid dashboard.

Will the donations I receive on Donation Forms or Fundraising pages be present on my quarterly or monthly reports?2023-08-17T09:39:36+00:00

Yes, all active fund holders receive either a quarterly (Affiliate) or monthly (Named) report. This report will cover all donations – via all sources. This includes donations receiving via Donation Forms or Fundraising Pages, plus all offline donations such as cheques, wires etc.

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