Edinburgh World Heritage

Edinburgh World Heritage

Heritage is the foundation of any strong culture.
Holding UNESCO World Heritage Status, The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh are blessed with a rich tapestry of scenery, structures and stories, each intrinsic
to our identity. These elements have, over the centuries, forged our traditions,
built our communities, and nurtured our outstanding international reputation.

Working alongside our partners, Edinburgh World Heritage protects and champions this collective identity for current and future generations.

By respectfully restoring our buildings, sensitively improving our shared spaces, implementing sustainable practices or recounting tales from our past, we nurture a common sense of belonging while enabling essential repair.

These partnerships also help to strengthen Edinburgh’s sense of self. Working together, we connect distant ancestors with their history; homeowners
with essential funding; businesses with practical advice; children and young people with resources; and marginalised groups with a voice.

But as with any independent charity, our work has its challenges. The evolving pressures of climate change, financial instability and increased tourism mean our work is critical, perhaps now more than ever. By embracing
our passion, expertise and independence, we can advocate for, build and maintain an inspirational and empowering place to live, work, study or visit — no matter who you are.

We will continue to proactively protect and champion the World Heritage Site locally and to the wider world, building on our legacy of best-practice conservation while ensuring our heritage is responsibly managed and
fairly represented for future generations.

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